The Connected Consumer

PARKe is a Car Park Management System (CPMS) created by APCOA PARKING. PARKe use advanced ANPR technology (automatic number plate recognition) and cameras to start and stop parking.

One of the key success factors of ANPR is that all visits to the car parks gets detected. The consumer can pay in a multitude of ways – whichever suits him or her the best. Somebody may prefer the app with automatic withdrawal. Others prefer to pay at the parking machine as they have always done.

Then you have the ones that forgets to pay, or return to the car a little bit too late. These “best friends of the parking industry” gets fined for being forgetful on a normal car park. We are drivers too. We understand that the friendship is not mutual. So we wanted to do something about that at the PARKe locations. With PARKe you can actually exit from the car park and skip the payment altogether.

With PARKe, the consumers that forgets to pay now have options, and it does not include getting fined. They can do a late-payment on web within a certain time limit after they exited the car park. But few people do that – if you are short of time and forget to pay in the first place, how should we expect them to remember to late-pay on web? The ones that do not pay at all receive a specified invoice accumulated for their stays. This invoice is not a fine, as it includes only the parking fee that they would have paid, plus a small invoice fee (for example +19,-). In other words it works much like the Norwegian toll road.

The awake reader will at this point ask “-ok, you say you can pay there and then with app or at the payment machine, and that you can pay late in a couple of ways. But what about paying upfront?”. Yes, of course we have options for this as well. This is one of the reasons we say that the consumer is connected. Through our portal for Digital Permits, the consumer, or an admin for a group of consumers, can manage their parking permits as contract parkers, employees, visitors and so on. Another pre-paid version is the one we currently offer at airports, where the parking can be pre-booked.

So, say goodbye to fines – and capitalize together with us on more customer friendly solutions to continue to grow your car park.

Lets not forget to mention our customer service center. Its available 24/7/365.

Happy parking, and help us take care of the stress!

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