The Connected Car Park

PARKe is a CPMS created by APCOA PARKING. When the largest parking company in Europe decides to create their own CPMS, you know it will be delivered professionally.

What is CPMS? It is a Car Park Management System. Other CPMS are for example pay & display machines or barrier systems. The PARKe CPMS use camera technology and ANPR (automatic number plate recognition). It can also use RFID. The cameras recognize vehicle number plates on entry and exit. The system automatically calculates how long the vehicle has parked, if the vehicle is whitelisted or for some other reason belongs to a specific group of users to the car park.

We made sure that the PARKe universe consists of a total value chain. Why set up a new complete CPMS at a car park if there is no back office to control it on the other side and make sure you get your share of the bigger pie?

Our back office is the number 1 in parking in Europe on:

  • Handling the customer service
  • A variety of tailored payment options
  • Sales, marketing and e-commerce activities
  • Optimal price and product setup
  • Revenue management
  • Facility management
  • And much more…

The “secret sauce” lies within our uniquely developed PARKe back engine. It brings a magnitude of options for both the landlord and the consumer. It may as well be complex for us, as long as it is effective and easy for our clients and the consumers.

When all vehicles at the car park is detected, the count of capacity becomes better. Traffic flows smoother, and logistics are optimized. Charging the correct price for the different length of stays, or customer segment, becomes smarter. It may not always about amping the price up. A certain equilibrium between volume and revenue will always be taken into consideration.

Ensuring the optimal level of happy and loyal visitors to the car park is key, with the perfect balance between short-term stays, contracts, employees and visitors.

With PARKe CPMS your car park becomes connected. Not just digital online, but to the value chain that makes that famous pie bigger for everybody. PARKe is in the end of the day the sum of excellent expertise from Europe’s number 1 in parking, first class suppliers and more than 40 years of experience. Together we will stand out in the market place and shape the future of parking.

PARKe CPMS detects the patterns – We make the difference – And we are here for you!

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