Coming up – Bergen Airport


At Bergen Airport, the second biggest in Norway, we will soon introduce the largest and most complex ANPR car park facility in Europe.

The airport is located at the west coast, with rough weather conditions and the North Sea just outside almost hitting the runway. This prestige project cater for multifaceted solutions, with 14 different car parks used for several purposes and intricate demands.

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Congratulations Byporten!

Congratulations to Byporten with ANPR launch!

If you go into Google maps and search for “Oslo City Center”, chances are that the pin will land at Byporten. The Byporten Car Park is a frequently visited garage located in the middle of Oslo City Center. The site is in connection to offices, a popular shopping center, a hotel and all the other facilities you would normally find in the middle of a large city. At Byporten, we have now gone live with a complex ANPR installation catering for both short term-, contract-, employee- and hotel parking.

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Congratulations Tromsø Airport!

Congratulations to Tromsø Airport with ANPR launch!

We have pressed the play-button on our CPMS with ANPR at Tromsø Airport. After some intensive research, we believe that this is the northern most located ANPR car park in the world, approximately 590 kilometers north of the polar circle.

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Mobilparkering – Remote Control



One of the payment options for parking is our app, Mobilparkering. The app is free, and available on App Store and Google play. When the app is downloaded, the user will set up a profile. This includes adding a payment card and one or more vehicles. Settings can be changed at any point. The consumer can stay connected and have remote access to the car park.

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PARKe – the sum of excellence


When the largest parking company in Europe decides to create their own Car Park Management System, you know it will be done professionally and by a trustworthy partner with excellent experience of what is the key success criteria.

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