Coming up – Bergen Airport


At Bergen Airport, the second biggest in Norway, we will soon introduce the largest and most complex ANPR car park facility in Europe.

The airport is located at the west coast, with rough weather conditions and the North Sea just outside almost hitting the runway. This prestige project cater for multifaceted solutions, with 14 different car parks used for several purposes and intricate demands.

What makes the Apcoa-team take on such a large project, you may ask. Our client, Avinor, is an innovative and forward-thinking partner. They have a clear digital strategy and a high degree of knowledge when it comes to parking. For Apcoa this is very exciting. After all, we are parking-nerds. It forms the perfect partnership when we together will create the parking of the future.

Avinor is at the finish line building their new terminal. At the same time, actions are needed on parking to increase efficiency. Avinor and Apcoa have a common goal to digitalize the traffic flow and the parking at the airport. While Avinor have complete control of the traffic in the air, Apcoa will have complete oversight of the traffic on the ground. Accurate information about movement flow of all vehicles (whether they are payable or not payable) is crucial for both security reasons, logistics and capacity planning at a large airport.

The complexity of the project will cater for all the different user groups at a typical airport. It means that the PARKe system is integrated together with several digital tools and support systems. Some of them are:

  • Rollup Parking: ANPR automatically start and stops the parking duration and leaves the driver with many payment options, both online, via app or invoice.
  • Pre-book: Integration with the Avinor pre-book solution gives seamless access to drivers that have booked and paid their parking online in advance.
  • Contract Parking: Frequent parkers with a pre-paid contract will have seamless access. Contracts are available for online purchase.
  • Whitelisting: All operational vehicles at the airport is whitelisted in the system with a complex range of user groups.
  • Employees: Integration towards employees in Avinor and companies associated with Avinor. The employee-card works as credential, no matter the base airport of the employee. When an employee is parking their car, an advanced price/discount structure automatically ensure dynamic logistics and efficiency for the user, depending on the preferred car park, time of year and so on. Similar advanced dynamic price/discount structures are also available to utilize for other user groups.
  • Kiss & Fly: For the first time in Avinor history, ANPR will enforce the Kiss & Fly zone. This is critical for the traffic flow to avoid congestion, the passenger safety when being dropped off at the area, and airport security in general.
  • Taxi Management: Integration with the latest upgrade of Apcoa’s TMS (Taxi Management System), Europe’s leading system for fleet handling the traffic flow of taxis. This ensures a smooth experience for both passengers and taxi drivers.

Bergen is the hometown of our Norwegian Prime Minister. Together with all other users from the region, she will experience the seamless parking of our fully automated PARKe Car Park Management System. We hope to contribute to her work by ensuring effective parking when traveling. And talking about the Prime Minister, of course privacy policies are taken care of according to the Norwegian law.

We would like nothing more than seeing our Prime Ministers hometown as a challenger on the list of the smartest cities in the world. We hope the Car Park Management System PARKe will contribute to this. Read more about what defines a smart city here. Some elements:

  • Optimal utilization: A complete connected car park with a digital parking solution applies a wide range of tools for both Avinor, Apcoa, the stakeholders and of course the connected consumer.
  • Less emissions: Seamless infrastructure at entry and exit and optimized traffic flow with no congestion to easily find a free space.
  • Automation: Automatic touch-less payment via app, online or late-pay together with no fines creates a better experience for the connected consumer.

We’ve allready hit the button, and will provide the most efficient parking experience possible, for all user groups, at Bergen Airport.

Stay tuned at!