Mobilparkering – Remote Control



One of the payment options for parking is our app, Mobilparkering. The app is free, and available on App Store and Google play. When the app is downloaded, the user will set up a profile. This includes adding a payment card and one or more vehicles. Settings can be changed at any point. The consumer can stay connected and have remote access to the car park.

The first page you will meet is a map of all the available car parks in Norway. The app can be used on all the sites, just press a pin in the map to see details.

Remember to allow the app to send push notifications to your smartphone and also allow it to know your location. If these are not set, you will not get reminders and important pushes. We do not use the pushes for marketing purposes. Only to make the app work like it is supposed to.

Choosing an ANPR car park

If the pin you choose tells you that the site is a car park with cameras and automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), you do not have to do anything. You will experience a piece of the future of parking as long as you have downloaded the app and registered as a user.

  • When you enter the ANPR car park, a push notification will automatically tell you that the parking has started.
  • As long as the registration number you are driving matches the one in the app, you are automatically whitelisted at the car park.
  • When you leave, the app will tell you that the parking has stopped.
  • The exact amount for your stay has automatically been charged to your registered card.

It does not get easier than that!

Choosing a Pay & Display car park

A Pay & Display (P&D) site has no camera, but a regular payment machine. You can still use the app as a remote control, and never visit the P & D machine at all. From the app you can start, prolong and stop the parking.

  • When you enter the P&D site, choose the correct 4-digit tariff group, and start the parking from your app. Set a stop time in the future for when you think you will return to the car.
  • Shortly before the parking time is about to run out, a push notification will say that the parking is about to expire. You have the choice of letting it expire or prolong it.
  • If you return to your car earlier than planned, you can also stop the parking ahead of time.
  • Some sites have free parking for a certain time limit. This will be noted when pressing a pin. Remember to still start the parking as normal in the app when you enter the car park, and set a stop some time in the future for when you are planning to leave. You will only pay for the parking if you exceed the free-time.
  • Payment will happen automatically in the app.


As you will see, we share the app with our friends from Denmark. They have it too!

Say goodbye to fines with the Mobilparkering app. Happy parking!