PARKe – the sum of excellence


When the largest parking company in Europe decides to create their own Car Park Management System, you know it will be done professionally and by a trustworthy partner with excellent experience of what is the key success criteria.

We may not be the first mover in the market for Automatic Number Plate Recognition, but before we launched we wanted to make sure that it works. After all, it is so nice when it just works!

We named our CPMS system PARKe. It is for parking. And like many other digital tools we use daily, for example tools for e-commerce, we also added an “e” to this one. PARKe. Because that is what it is. Parking gone digital.

We made sure that the PARKe universe consists of a total value chain. Why set up ANPR at a car park, if there is no handling of the payment, sales- and marketing activities, price and product facilitation and revenue management to control it on the other side?

PARKe is in the end of the day the sum of excellent expertise from Europe’s number 1 in parking, first class suppliers and more than 40 years of experience. Together we will stand out in the market place and shape the future of parking.